Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Got Myself a New Car

Well, a second-hand one, of course.

The previous car was pretty old, and eventually needed repairs that would have cost too much to be worth it. I'm pleased with the replacement.

It was a few days after I got it that I suddenly realised: it was the first car I'd bought for me rather than for us. That caused a pang. Another link gone.

As if these external links really mattered; they're only symbolic of course. And yet....

Andrew was so pleased when we got the last car, in August 2011. I was already doing all the driving, but he was keen to have a drive of this car so I swapped seats one day, close to home, and let him drive it the rest of the way. He surrendered his licence soon afterwards, pleased to know we had a good car that would be easy for me to drive.

And it was a good car for me, a comfortable size to drive and to park. It was my favourite car ever — but when you buy an old car, it needs more and more work, and is wearing out all the time ... as it eventually did.

So I must look on the bright side. I was able to choose the latest car solely for my own specific needs. I don't have to worry about fitting a wheely walker into it, for instance. I was able to go even smaller, even easier to park. I'm told that smaller is more economical too. And it's not nearly so old, so I trust will last a lot longer.

The old (1984 Camry)                                                                       The new (1995 Ford Festiva Trio)


  1. Your new car sounds very good. Congratulations.

  2. enjoy your ride. The history listory of all the cars we've had must tell a lot about us! I only ever had 1 new car in my life - all the rest are what we used to call "bangers" and what the French call "un tas de feraille" (a heap of rusty iron.