Sunday, October 21, 2012

There's Only Me (I Say Repeatedly)

... in all sorts of ways, with all sorts of permutations. So I thought to start recording a few:

There's only me.
The grapes rot
before I finish them.

There's only me.
I play music
without headphones.

There's only me.
Why do I wear
my prettiest sarongs?

There's only me.
The cats spread out more
on the bed.

There's only me.
It takes four days
to fill the washing machine.

There's only me.
But his voice in the passenger seat
still says, 'You're clear this side.'

There's only me.
I arrange the pillows
a different way.

There's only me.
I can eat all
the chocolate.

Expanded, final sequence here. (It could go on and on, but I think this is enough.)


  1. Hi - jumped over from 6WS and then stopped short when I read your post - not sure what words to use but wanted to write something - to say hello - to thank you for your words - and to support you in some small way.
    what a terrible loss you have had - and how beautifully you write about this on your blog.
    you are right - widowhood must seem like another journey beginning - but a painful one too.
    I love being beside my husband and we 'fit' together so well - thank you for reminding me of that (although he does tend to eat my chocolate stash when I'm not looking!)
    I hope that your blog will help others - for me it has reminded me this morning that life is so precious and that we must enjoy each moment.
    May you find rest and peace in your soul and a gentle delight still in each new day

  2. I've been following this new blog of yours since you started it, I just haven't commented until today. I admire your putting your thoughts out here as you are in this very difficult season of widowshood. Your poem expresses so well the heartbreak of it being only you.


  3. I feel so sad for you...I know 'we must go on' after such losses, but everything in life reminds you of that loss....I know I should not project, but I sometimes think how I would cope without my spouse - or could I? I hope you have some good friends or family to help you deal, giving loving support and listening .... For what it's worth, I am here....

  4. so very, very moving; thank you
    You are so brave,
    and I am proud to know you

    blessed be

  5. This is so honest. "There is only me" is such an adjustment. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  6. that sharing, those words= a gift
    thank you

  7. Thank you for sharing, Rosemary. Mrs. Jim and I quite regularly think now how it would be one of us without the other. This little poem full of insight gives a glimpse. Only a glimpse, I am sure.

  8. Thank you to all for your kind, understanding comments. xxx


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