Saturday, September 28, 2013

There's More to Say After All

I had an afternoon nap — a rare thing for me, but I had a late night last night and have to go out this evening. I dreamed that Andrew came back. I dreamed that his illness and death had all been a dream, and now I was awake. 

He was so well! And he looked quite a few years younger — still grey-haired, but very fit and happy. (Better than I ever saw him, in fact.) He had apparently been away somewhere, as I showed him all the changes and improvements I have been making to the unit. He was very pleased and encouraging. 

My friend Tish, who is consciously connected to God and the angels, told me two nights ago that Andrew had finally left the earth realms and been 'assimilated'. Apparently one or more old friends had been trying to hang on to him, to use him to get messages from 'Upstairs' — not realising that (a) being still attached to the earth realms, he was in no position to do that, and (b) they'd do better to connect directly with God anyway. However he is now in the right place to start his work. Tish said he will be working with children (which he himself told his daughter he would be doing, when he visited her shortly after he died). And he will be my angel. 

Neither of those things is any great surprise. But I must say, they are very nice to know. 

Now I wonder if it was a true dream, and that was his angelic self come to visit. Not only did he seem in much better health than I ever saw him, even when he was well, but ... I was going to say he also seemed kinder and wiser, but he was those things in life anyway. It was as if he was more assured in his kindness and wisdom, more at home with them. And he was clearly very happy, in what I sensed as a calm, ongoing kind of way. It is really quite hard to describe these impressions. I'm groping after the words. But I experienced them clearly enough. He was himself, and at the same time a sort of bigger and better Andrew. If it had just been a wish-fulfilment dream, I think I would have dreamed him exactly as he was in life.

Oddly enough, I didn't feel particularly upset when I did wake up and find his illness and death were not a dream.

Soon after he died, as I have recounted elsewhere, he came to look in on me. I actually saw him for a moment. And since then I've occasionally felt as if he was there briefly. But for the most part I have not felt his presence, which was odd given that I'm a psychic medium. I talked to him constantly in my head, of course, just to get myself through my days, but never with any sense or even expectation that he was really hearing me. It pissed me off a bit, though I tried to tell myself, 'Oh well, he's busy with his new work'. I am thinking now that it may have been because his attention was monopolised by people wanting him to act as their personal messenger! 

Never mind. All his friends loved him. Anyone doing that would have been misguided, not malevolent. And now he is where he belongs. 

And I do think he came to visit me in that dream.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Your words made me smile as I thought of ones that have moved on in my life. It is wonderful to believe that they are not done at all. They have just moved on to other missions.

  2. I'm sure he came to visit you in your dream. How lovely. What a lovely hopeful post. I loved it.

  3. I believe he came to let you know that he is OK. My dad never "came to me" but he sent me other signs that I know were his way of saying the same thing...

  4. It's hard to know what to believe in these circumstances, Rosemary, but whatever brings you comfort is a good thing. :)

  5. Well i'm glad that he is in a better place now and that you got to have a nice dream about him. : )

  6. I appreciate all your kind wishes for my peace of mind. xx

  7. This is a nice post, Rosemary. Very upbeat for you and revealing for me. Goodness knows I don't understand a lot of what goes on related to death and the afterlife. Most people don't.

    Sorry I am so late in returning your comment. I too was appalled at the way the dogs were treated back then. My dogs I found for pictures didn't look mistreated but rather most looked very well fed.

    1. Thanks, Jim. I'm glad the dogs you saw were evidently not mistreated.

      As a professional psychic medium (among other things) I know that consciousness continues after we leave our bodies, and have learned a few other things, notably that the capacity to love increases enormously when we are freed from earthly inhibitions. But I still could not say I UNDERSTAND all about it.

  8. Yes, there's more to say after all...and it's kind of magic...I don't know if it's correct to say that but I feel like you're lucky to have seen him "as" for real...I didn't have that chance...Of course, I have my mental conversation with him but never saw him in my dreams or elsewhere...The funny thing is that I used to see my grand parents instead, my mother dad or mum...It's strange because of course I loved them very much, but when they die, I was a teen and haven't them for years, we were travelling for years, I don't understand why they come to see me... Noone of my close cousin who leave with them told me about seing them, not even my mum...Very strange...But that life and its mystery...

    I'm glad I read you tonight...And will be back to finish it when possible !

    I don't have time to post for the SWS this week, maybe next week, don't know yet....Just came to read you...

    Take good care dear !!! All my best



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