Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Except for some family heirloom type bequests to his offspring, he left everything to me. I still find it hard to think of some things as mine rather than his, e.g. his iMac. 

However I am glad to have them. 

I decided not to sell the iMac. It has a great screen for watching any TV shows which I happen to miss on TV; also I like to play my music on it, rather than the laptop, which I work on. 

I took his files off it, transferring them to the laptop, because I did at first think of selling it. That was easy. Removing him as a user/admin was harder — not difficult to execute but difficult emotionally: so final. 

There are various things like that, which I have to remind myself that he no longer needs. Some were his, some were ours; it's hard to think of them as simply 'mine'.

But, had it been the other way about, apart from a few family bequests of my own I would have left him everything of mine. In fact, I did. We both made wills at the same time. I need to make a new one now.


  1. This Rosemary must be very hard, inheritance is still an issue for me but I'm working on it. I didn't save any picture for instance, but for years I wore his winter coat, too big for me and even a color I liked but strangly I needed it.
    Anyway. I will stop for today and go back to work.

    Wish you a lovely end of week, hope to see you on saturday ?


    1. I wished when it was too late that I had kept some of his pyjama jackets to wrap around me on cold nights!

      Not sure about Saturday. Probably not. My best friend is visiting from interstate this weekend. :)

    2. Never mind Rosemary, I try to check your post anyway. Well, I don't know after all if it's a good idea, it didn't help me that much. The strange thing is that I hear my dad voice when I talk with him in my sleep but awake I can't remember it. Really strange. Anyway...I have to find your other blog link to see your answer about the reiki...