Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Becoming a Little Old Lady

I was in Coles, considering which of two items to buy, and I felt my lips move forward into an expression that comes with that state of mind. 

In my head I could hear him say, 'I wish you wouldn't purse up your mouth like that'. (He said it only once, years ago, but it stuck. I know I have that habit.)

I started to soften my mouth again, then suddenly had the thought that it doesn't matter any more. There's no-one left to look pretty for. I can let myself turn into a funny-looking little old lady if I like. (As this is happening inevitably, perhaps the new attitude is just as well.)

I don't expect I'll seriously let myself go; far too vain for that. But it might be nice to free myself from some social expectations.  It might be nice not to fight too hard against reality, to just be whatever I am.


  1. I know the feeling. I discovered I know have crow's feet forming, but since I am not one for all those crazy injections or plastic surgery, I'll just need to accept the fact that I am aging. It happens.

    You...a funny-looking little old lady? I doubt it. Just drop the "ny-looking" and become a fun little old lady :-) That's more your style.


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