Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Unshed Tears from His Life

Here I am again, in the bed without him. Everything now is without him. And yet my mind is so full of him, all the time.

I am crying more now than I did at first. I have realised that sometimes I am releasing sorrows I couldn't before.

I recall a time he wanted to go through his office 'into that other office' to talk to the Prime Minister, whom he'd just seen on TV. He thought she was missing a point or two and wanted to tell her so. It was urgent. How disconcerted he was to find there was no other office through his.

Remembering this today, I sobbed for his confusion and distress, as I didn't when it happened. Then, I was busy dealing with it, and with him.

I'm sure I have many tears bottled up inside, like that.


  1. stopping in from SWS.....sending you healing prayers for your heart <3
    let them flow and know there is great therapy in the blogger community!!
    Blessing dear sister.

  2. I do believe a good cry can be a healing thing. I do have to agree with you that there were times you held those tears in your dealing with him and there will be days ahead when you'll be finally able to shed them. Grieving is so hard, I'm sure grieving a spouse is very hard.



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